Common time of parallel passion

1,000,000 kilometres by bike

An extreme sportsman, a team from 16 European countries and a visionary face a unique challenge – together with you.

Sven Ole Müller will ride in summer 2021 – due to the Corona crisis the tour has been postponed for one year – along the Trans-Siberian Railway from Moscow to Vladivostok. In this Red Bull Trans-Siberian Extreme, each participant conquers an unbelievable 9,103 km on the bike within these days.

As an advance motivation already this year and then during Sven Oles Tour parallel to this, the international Checkstone-Challenge-Team will cycle one million kilometres or maybe even more until Sven Oles finishes.
Become part of this parallel passion. Come along into a common time full of strength. Activate mental power for yourself, Sven Ole and the big picture out there, which is more than all the kilometres in the world.

Days left

Face this challenge with us and become part of the team “The Parallel · Passion”.

Cycling Challenge The Parallel Passion, Cycling Challenge

An energy cycle, enormous strength

“Ride parallel to me – and to my current training. Ride together as a big team 1 million kilometres or more, no matter where in the world. You have time for this until I finish in Vladivostok. This way we strengthen each other together. You me, me you. In a unique energy cycle, a parallel passion for time together and enormous strength. I count on you. By the way: All my training kilometers count towards The Parallel Passion.”

Sven Ole Müller, extreme endurance athlete on the road bike and the only German participant in the Red Bull Trans-Siberian Extreme 2021.

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Cycling Challenge The Parallel Passion, Cycling Challenge

Sven Ole starts in Moscow …

Red Bull Trans-Siberian Extreme (RBTSE) is the longest and probably toughest bike race in the world. The Tour 2020 has been postponed by one year due to Corona. The start is in June 2021 in Moscow, finishing at the latest one month later in Vladivostok.
The 11 participants from 10 different countries cover a distance of 9,105 kilometres and 77,000 metres of altitude difference in these 25 days, crossing eight time and five climate zones.

The drop-out rate of 65 percent underlines the hardness of the race – whereby a large proportion of the participants stop the race not for physical but for mental reasons.

Cycling Challenge The Parallel Passion, Cycling Challenge

… you start in the parallel Passion Team

The international Checkstone-Challenge-Team will support Sven Ole in this challenge physically and mentally already from March 2020. With 1 million or more kilometres covered together and no matter where in the world – and a resulting unique power and energy in all who participate.

Whether you drive much or little: Every kilometre counts. Also those of Sven Ole Müller. Because the extreme athlete feeds his training kilometers into the sum of the passion kilometers driven together – until the beginning of his extreme tour.

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Sign up for free in the Strava-App and join the club “Die Parallele Passion”.

All participants

  • will receive a certificate of participation at the end of the Challenge,
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Cycling Challenge The Parallel Passion, Cycling Challenge Cycling Challenge The Parallel Passion, Cycling Challenge


Current status

The Parallel · Passion: 1 million kilometres with you

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Cycling Challenge The Parallel Passion, Cycling Challenge

Energy from 1 million kilometres

“The idea of The Parallel Passion was born during a meeting with Sven Ole Müller. How does the extreme athlete manage this distance to 100 percent? With the mental support of thousands of Parallel Passion riders, who draw energy from 1 million kilometers driven for themselves and Sven Ole.

Lars Richter, CEO of the Checkstone Group, which inspires thousands of people every month as testers for international mystery shopping projects.

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Cycling Challenge The Parallel Passion, Cycling Challenge