Sven Ole Müller rides 300 kilometres by bicycle for Checkstone

Potential development through freedoms?

Now 4 months ago we could experience Sven Ole live at our company event. He talked about why so many people in their profession do “service by the book” and stay far below their individual potential. What would happen to a company that gives its employees the freedom to develop their potential? What would happen to the employees who work in such a company? It was soon clear to us: we would give it a try.

In this quarter, The Parallel Passion was created almost incidentally because we want to show the passion with which we pursue our core business of mystery shopping. Employees, friends, testers, customers and business partners ride their bikes together and join forces to create a great idea. Almost 500 cycling enthusiasts have already joined in and together they cycle 40,000 kilometres a week.

300 kilometres and all kinds of questions

Yesterday Sven Ole visited our company again. We came up with something special: Sven Ole drove 300 kilometres for Checkstone that day. At the destination, the beach bar at Lake Cospuden, the employees await the cyclist with a hearty picnic. Lars Richter, our managing director, did not miss the opportunity to ride the first 80 kilometers. 30 km/h with a strong headwind is a huge challenge for a racing bike beginner. Sven Ole seemed rather relaxed… Happy they reached the first depot and Sven Ole continued the remaining 220 kilometres alone.

At the Cossi we sat in the sand. The north wind whipped up the water, nice that some families brought their children. Some of us didn’t miss the chance to cycle two more laps around the lake with Sven Ole and ask all kinds of questions about cycling. All together we talked about potential development, ultra endurance sports and how the Checkstone team fared in the Corona period and where the journey of parallel passion will continue in the future. Many more people in Germany have long since joined the initiative and even from Guatemala the first kilometres are being fed into the Challenge.

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