People behind the Parallel Passion: Frida Löber

Inspiring people for exercise who want to do it – great idea. Frida Löber manages to do this even with those who are rather sceptical. No wonder, given the authenticity with which this motion expert and Parallel Passion rider travels. A visit with an extraordinary racing bike enthusiast.

Out to the countryside!

Frida Löber… something is ringing in your ears. “Yes, this Ahrenshoop artist was my great-grandmother”, Frida Löber explains happily on the way from the garden gate behind the house. We meet between Greifswald and Neubrandenburg on her parents’ courtyard. The Stralsund native grew up there. The estate is 50 km away from where she lives, but Frida likes to go there whenever her time allows.

Scion of a family of artists

Frida actually loves country life. She has moved to the city, which she finds more comfortable, for shorter school trips for her eleven-year-old daughter. Frida’s Instragram account shows country rather than city – and the fact that she comes from a family of artists can be seen in her pictures. Frida waves away smiling, then follows an inviting hand movement across the grounds. “Look at it. That’s just the way it looks in our place,” she says.

Doing something with her hands…

Frida macht jedoch keine Kunst, sondern absolvierte nach einem sehr guten Abitur zunächst eine Ausbildung zur Gärtnerin im Bio-Gemüseanbau. Anschließend arbeitete sie in einer Genossenschaft für Teekräuter, wo sie sehr bald ins Marketing wechselte. „Das war so gar nicht meins. Ich überlegte neu und entschied mich für Physiotherapie. Ich wollte nicht studieren, sondern etwas mit den Händen machen!“, sagt Frida.    

… and with a lot of motion

But she does a lot with her feet as well, because every day she travels at least 40 kilometres on her racing bike. It’s as if she doesn’t already have enough exercise when she works for Outness, a company for personal training, outdoor fitness, prevention and health management in Neubrandenburg.

Get behind the comfort zone!

At Outness, the wiry power woman gives three to four sports classes a day, from spinal gymnastics to relaxation and functional fitness. She motivates for more exercise and gives tips for healthy nutrition. Isn’t that a bit tiring in the long run, since you still have to cover such long distances on your bike in your private life? Frida laughs: “Behind the comfort zone, the exciting things are just beginning! That’s what I tell the people I teach in the courses. Loving and yet challenging!”

Role model and ambition

You should feel a little bit different by doing more exercise. Sport gets you out of stress, cycling does no harm to anyone, it’s just good for you. It also has an exemplary effect. But – she adds impishly – she is also a very ambitious person. She had not seen it that way before. But since several people have told her that in the meantime, she finally admits that she is like that. “I’m going to Strava’s for crowns too. Because I love challenges,” says Frida and beams.

On the fast track with the steel wheel

It started a few years ago with small evening rounds of 35 km in length. She did them on the 1942 diamond bike, which belonged to her grandfather and has only four gears. Despite modern handlebars, she was looked at rather pitifully on her tours. At the beginning of the year a friend of her father gave her his considerably more modern racing bike. Since then, Frida has also been enjoying this other, much lighter riding experience without the pity looks.

Simply a cycling enthusiast

The frequent driver would have liked to take part in the Mecklenburger Seenrunde. Because this was cancelled due to Corona, she, like many other cycling enthusiasts, came to the Parallel Passion. “Doing kilometres together for a good cause, I think that’s great,” says Frida, who cycles around 9,000 kilometres a year, but doesn’t see herself as a cyclist. “I simply love to ride a bike. No frills, no frills, no fuss.”

Fantastische Landfrauen

On the courtyard of her parents, both well-known ceramists, it is really very beautiful. But Frida looks at the clock. In the evening, about 20 km away, she has a meeting of the women’s club Femme Fantastic, which she co-founded. “For 25 to 40 year old women from the countryside who had moved to cities and are now living in the country again,” Frida explains. “There is a lot to advise and support.”

More than a knack for evolvement

So it’s goodbye as the sun slowly sets behind the fields. The big garden is in the evening light, Frida looks into the vastness, and one gets the feeling that one is dealing with a very special artist. An artist for movement and motivation, who respectfully guides, cares for and nurtures people, because she knows about their development possibilities. She also knows about the long distances that sometimes have to be covered to get off the couch and into an active life.

Wanting to ride the bike instead of having to

At some point she would like to return to her parents’ yard between Greifswald and Neubrandenburg, says Frida and grins: “Then I will of course miss the frequent trips from Neubrandenburg to the yard and back. But that doesn’t matter. I ride the bike because I want to. And not because I have to. There are plenty of long routes here.”

Pictures, sayings, inspiration

The targeted quantity for 2020 is 10,000 km, at the beginning of July Frida has already covered 5,000 km. But these are not only numbers. This Parallel Passion rider lines her paths with beautiful pictures and strong sayings, to be experienced on Strava, but especially here. Those who like can follow Frida and be inspired.

The Parallel Passion team would like to thank you for the wonderful time in the countryside.We are always amazed at who takes part in our challenge.

Click here for Frida’s Strava profile.

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