Höffner neuseen classics Christmas Charity with The Parallel Passion

The Parallel Passion is a participatory event for all cyclists in Europe. It is about creating a connection between people through a common idea. It is about the big in all of us for the big picture out there. Thanks to The Parallel Passion, several children’s institutions have already been supported with donations this year. With the Jingle Bike Challenge we are pedalling once again.

Jingle Bike Challenge – The Christmas Charity

Together with Central Germany’s biggest everyman race Höffner neuseen classics we manage to do something big for the little ones at Christmas time.

If in the three weeks from 03.12.2020 to 24.12.2020 at 4 pm a total of 100,000 kilometres are ridden on the bike, Checkstone and Höffner neuseen classics will donate 5,000 € to the TABALUGA Kinderheim e.V. support association. You can get involved by signing up for the Strava account “Die Parallele Passion” and pedalling hard with us. Because we remain active by bicycle or ergometer even in winter: individually, but for a common goal.

Jingle Bike Challenge, Jingle Bike Challenge

The common goal – A child’s smile

There is also the possibility of making direct donations to help children in need from TABALUGA Childrens Home to attend a cultural event. The Corona period confronts many families and institutions for children with special challenges. These cutbacks are particularly severe in the period before Christmas. Entrance fees for leisure and cultural activities are a major hurdle for children in financially weakened homes and social institutions. Since leisure and cultural activities are currently closed, we can offer a small ray of hope for the future in unusual times. The donation is distributed by the TABALUGA Kinderheim e.v. support association. 20 percent of each donation goes to visit zoos, amusement parks, theatres and cinemas and to finance art therapy.. Under the current restrictions, these vouchers will be redeemed and thus bring a smile to the faces of many children. The sponsoring association has set itself the task of supporting the TABALUGA children’s home financially and organisationally and would like to use donations to make the children’s everyday lives more colourful and worth living.

How to participate in the Jingle Bike Challenge

Join our Strava Club and collect kilometres you have ridden on your bike. If 100,000 kilometres were ridden together in the campaign period from 03.12.2020 to 24.12.2020, we will donate 5000 € to [x]. Every kilometre counts!

Additionally you can support our charity campaign on Betterplace. If the 100,000 kilometres are not driven, your donation will still reach the children.

Jingle Bike Challenge, Jingle Bike Challenge

Trust is good, transparency is better. If you have any questions about the Jingle Bike Challenge or would like more information, just send us an email to mitmachen@die-parallele-passion.de

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