A brief review of over one million kilometres

Today, more than 1.4 million kilometres have been cycled together. What started out as a vision for something completely different, developed into a “self-propelled phenomenon”: The Parallel Passion. A brief review of an amazing project, great people – and how it will continue.

Supporting someone

In the world before Corona many things were different. Large events were planned and realised, including the Red Bull Trans-Siberian Extreme. To support the one who was the only participant from Germany who wanted to drive these many thousands of kilometres – that’s what The Parallel Passion was created for. Then came the first lockdown because of Corona.

Being outdoors

Stop or continue with The Parallel Passion? Do it differently! Just keep on riding and above all ride anyway, or rather: Where, if not on a bike, can you keep your distance, do sports, do something for your health and even be outdoors?

Lots of registrations

When the Mecklenburger Seen Runde was cancelled because of Corona, the e-mail in question contained a reference to The Parallel Passion. Many registered. After all, the kilometres driven were intended to enable charity actions in favour of children. The first 250.000 km were driven fast.

Bicycles for Tabaluga

Thank you for this first stage, which gave the TABALUGA children’s home in Leipzig three high-quality children’s bicycles and some important equipment. The bikes were provided by one of the first partners of the Parallel Passion, Little John Bikes. The handover took place at the appropriate distance. This led to the agreement that dedicated people from Little John will repair old bicycles from the home.

Workshop equipment for Machern

Thank you for the second stage, which benefited the Machern children’s home. The children’s home with many different institutions for children and teenagers on the outskirts of Leipzig supports young people and works out perspectives for their future with them. Checkstone, the initiator of Parallel Passion, supported the children’s home’s bicycle workshop on the occasion of the 500,000 km stage.

parallel passion brief review, Thank you – A look at the past year

Adventures for Passentin

Thank you for the third stage, which opens new possibilities for adventurous cycling for the Waldkindergarten in Passentin. Sponsor is the Mecklenburger Seen Runde, the implementation of the new cycling possibilities is still in the planning stage. The fourth stage – the 1 million kilometre mark – was reached in record time and goes as mental support to Sven Ole Müller, for his participation in the Red Bull Transsiberian Extreme 2021. If you want to have an insight into Sven Ole’s training preparations, you are welcome to visit his Instagram Channel.

Cycling in autumn and winter

It is now November and the streets are getting quieter. Not only because of the second lockdown. But also because there is generally more cycling in the summer than in the dark season. At least outside. Because some participants of the Parallel Passion continue to ride “on the roll” at home as well.

The kilometres are counted on

Perhaps the effects of the pandemic, which has put many people on bicycles, will help this form of transport to flourish in winter too. But because nobody knows that yet. We are all experiencing it together, it will be a little quieter here with the Parallel Passion. We continue to count the kilometres. But out of this calm we will continue to develop this charity campaign. Because why should the energy it contains suddenly evaporate?

parallel passion brief review, Thank you – A look at the past year

All the best, Sven Ole Müller!

With many thanks to Sven Ole Müller for his willingness to share his own passion with us, we say goodbye to this exceptional sportsman and supporter of the first chapter of the Parallel Passion. All the best, dear Mr Müller, for you and the planned extreme tour in 2021. We also wish you from the bottom of our hearts: Stay healthy.

parallel passion brief review, Thank you – A look at the past year

Welcome, Jens Lehmann!

The Parallel Passion now rides into the future with someone at its side who combines enthusiasm for cycling and commitment to children in his biography: Jens Lehmann, former professional cyclist, educator and member of the German Bundestag since 2017, has been the patron of the Parallel Passion since mid-October.

Big one, part two

We are taking this change as an opportunity to also revise the Parallel Passion website. This much we can already reveal: The community will receive an interactive platform. So look forward to spring 2021, when the great things in us for the great things out there will take place in a very special round …

By the way, all those who have participated in the Parallel Passion so far will soon receive a small reward for their participation. Let us surprise you.

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