Checkstone takes over the 500,000 KM stage of the Parallel Passion

After the first stage of our charity campaign has been so successful and the Parallel Passion can welcome more and more fellow riders in the Strava Club, we are not far away from the next stage: 500,000 driven kilometres will soon be on our speedometer. After handing over three children’s bikes to the Tabaluga children’s home, the next facility for children can now look forward to receiving presents.

Supporting perspectives in the children’s home

The prize for the second stage goes to the Machern children’s home. The children’s home with many different establishments for children and young people on the outskirts of Leipzig has set itself the task of supporting young people and working with them to develop perspectives for their future. In doing so, they attach great importance to the development of independent and responsible personalities who will go out into the world stronger.

A bicycle garage as a learning environment

As part of this work, which is tailored to each child, the Machern children’s home also has a bicycle workshop. This is used by the children and young people under the guidance of qualified personnel. In this workshop they learn how to repair and maintain bicycles together. The technology behind the practical bicycles is thus better understood. The children learn how to carry out certain repairs themselves. A real boost for the self-confidence of the children’s house protégés! The acquired knowledge can also be used for other things in life. After all, the approach of the Kinderheim Machern is systemic and holistic.

The team spirit of the children and young people is automatically strengthened when they work together on the bicycles – another positive effect of the workshop! In addition, the children also develop an awareness of road safety through the independent work – irreplaceable in the city as well as in the country.

Enthusiasm for bicycles among the employees

Madlen Conradi and Stefan Kalamorz from Kinderheim Machern are not only enthusiastic about the charity action, but also about our Parallel Passion. During the first interview Mr. Kalamorz told us directly about his bicycle-loving employees. Every day some of them cycle several kilometres to work. He himself goes even further: an almost 600-kilometre cycle tour is planned from the Zugspitze, Germany’s highest mountain, to Leipzig.

Checkstone supports the bicycle garage

As a company with roots in Leipzig for 20 years, Checkstone is looking forward to supporting the children’s home during the 500,000 kilometre stage. The bicycle garage needs a certain supply of bicycle tubes and coats in different sizes and a toolbox equipped with different tools. This year, the trade fair city of Leipzig occupies an inglorious first place as the “capital of bicycle thieves”. To ensure that the lovingly repaired bicycles of the children and young people do not fill this statistic any further, Checkstone is adding even safer bicycle locks on top. In addition, the visibility of the young cyclists is an important issue, so of course, plug lights should not be missing.

Mystery shopping and cycling – two parallel passions

Checkstone is not only partner for the second charity stage, but also initiator of the Parallel Passion. Checkstone’s first passion is clearly international mystery shopping, i.e. test buying projects. With almost 50.000 testers Checkstone realizes these tests in 16 European countries. In the Leipzig office, the projects, which range from store checks to consulting tests to youth protection tests, are coordinated and implemented. The second and also parallel passion to mystery shopping has become this year’s cycling. Almost all of the 45 employees now ride their bicycles more or have (again) started to ride a bicycle. Many of them also collect kilometres on weekend tours together. Managing Director Lars recently took a huge tour to the Baltic Sea with 14 other bicycle enthusiasts.

As soon as the goal is reached and 500,000 kilometres have been cycled together, a date for the handover will be arranged. We will keep you up to date on this here from the Parallel Passion.

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